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We found discovered the high expectations of the martial arts were not only just but however.

We discovered that the martial arts were more than simply a way of safeguarding yourself however rather it is a way of living your life in harmony with yourself and those around you. A way of inspiring yourself to accomplish your objectives and to be a motivation to others.

When we started our martial arts journey, the favorable effect it had on our lives was impressive. It was constantly our dream to one day own our own school when we opened Cray Valley Amateur Boxing Club, we made a dedication to our neighborhood in Ames to develop a satisfying environment for trainees to enhance their fitness while developing self-confidence they can bring into their daily lives.
We hope that attaining our objective of developing a high-quality martial arts center will provide you the chance to reach your objectives both in the martial arts and in life. Classes at Cray Valley Amateur Boxing Club offer satisfaction for each of our trainees, along with a lifetime of physical and psychological knowing and development.